Friday, April 1, 2011

April's Fool

So, we come into the fourth month of the year and I am very, very behind in my blogging. In fact, I am very, very behind in my writing in general. I'm not going to bore you with the details of my drama-rama life, but suffice it to mind, it is not in a good place at all right now.

However, I have decided to take ten days off from work and on Tuesday I am jetting off back to Australia for another holiday. It's a mental health thing, really, but I am hoping to use at least a few days to begin to get back into some writing. There's a short story that came to mind last week I have decided I must write, not to mention there is at least one short story (Lies In The Land) I want to finish even if it does my bloody head in. It's been in there for well over a year, after all.

I just find it curious, however, that whenever I get into this state of mind, two characters tend to come wandering in to stare at me. I have characters wandering in and out of my head all the time, of course, but for whatever reason? Arosek and Ryenn only turn up when I am particularly down or confused or frustrated. I think it's likely because their history is down, confused and frustrated as well. I keep meaning to untangle it, but I never ever do. Maybe that's something for the long plane ride to Perth.

In the meantime, however, I cut things very, very fine but did actually manage to enter the Wily Writers' Spec Fic NZ competition earlier this evening. I've also received word about the release date of Red Velvet and Absinthe, which is still very surreal. Something I have written is going to be available to purchase on! Somehow, that's just very, very crazy to my mind. I keep waiting to be told it's not real, that it was all a terrible mistake.

So, yes, well, life does go on. Hopefully my next entry will be a bit more sensible. In the meantime, I think it's back to sleep for me; Arosek and Ryenn have a dream scheduled for me, I'm fairly certain, so best I go and listen to them...


  1. You will be published! How cool is that?
    I hope life sorts itself out soon.


  2. Yeah, me too! But then I should really remember that writing generally makes me feel better, and that I should stop whining and get writing! I'm sorry I didn't manage to crit that story for you, by the way; as you can see, though, I barely got my own done... O_o