Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winning On A Mere Technicality

Admittedly I am always a bit of a spaz when it comes to writing, and NaNoWriMo can only make that tendency worse. But I am falling off the deep end all over again. I've already bemoaned the fact that I've all but given up on finishing the third of the three novels I set myself to completing and have instead gone haring off on a sequel to the first one I finished, and...well, the wordcount on that little beauty is currently about 22k. I've decided that there's still seven days of NaNo to go so we might as well make a mini NaNo for that and have at least 50k on it before November's gone.

...I am so brilliant.


I do have to admit, mind you, that I have been playing about still with a short story that makes up the prologue of this novel, and I haven't counted a word of it towards NaNo yet. And it's about 4.5k right now, from memory. If I would just stop procrastinating I would be able to finish its draft this evening. But I'm procrastinating. For some reason I am utterly and irretrievably in love with the Ambassador of Xoan and his unholy lust for croquembouche ( DON'T want to know) and when I've managed to drag myself away from that archive I've been rereading a huge epic fic I wrote with a friend when we were in our later years of high school/first years of university. Oh, the good times keep on rolling.

Still, I am managing to write; I clocked up 5k for Kaverlen Falls today, even though I've been shrieking at the characters while doing so. One character in particular took offense at something I noticed the other day. I've mentioned before a growing fascination for the HBO series A Game of Thrones and I've got through the first two novels of A Song of Ice and Fire so far this month. This neat little graphic struck me as interesting as one of my writing groups and I had been exchanging emails about character alignment:

While looking at this, I realised that I had a couple of squares I couldn't fill with characters appearing in the Greywater/Kaverlen Falls/Neverboy/Forevergirl/Simple Story saga, and I got cross. Unfortunately some of the little voices in my head were "listening" to my ranting, and one of them's gone and EXPLODED all over everything in the form of chaotic evil. I just...yeah. I don't know. I suppose I got what I deserved,

Otherwise, that should be enough whining for the evening. The first picture in this entry is from Ephesus, and I was looking at my pictures from this ruined city last night as I worked on the short story featuring the cursed and broken coty of Dan'Mara. I really ought to go and finish the damn thing.'s to history and the hell it can raise in the present?



  1. I saw this same graphic, except it used characters from Firefly. They are both awesome. Good luck with the writing.

  2. How the heck do you write so darn fast????? I couldn't come close even if I wasn't forced to write longhand and then type it all up later...

  3. Joshua -- oh, great, I think I'm going to have to look that up. Maybe I'll hazard some guesses first, as I do love that show. (I am still completely confused as to how JAYNE COBB ended up being my favourite character as by my very nature I am more a Simon Tam kind of girl, but...well, the Hero of Canton stole my heart. And then probably jettisoned it to give himself less ballast for a getaway. Ha.)

    And Deniz, it's not as if I am supposed to be doing anything else right now. ^_~ I'll burn myself out in ten days time, I'm sure. Not to mention I'm getting even better at procrastination...always something else to do, ohohohoho...