Monday, December 19, 2011

Something A Little Like Magic

I have the strange urge to try and work out how I write a story, mainly by blogging it. I'm not sure that I'll ever get around to it, mostly because once I really get writing it's hard for me to understand even where I am, let alone what I'm doing. But it came to mind yesterday while I was working on a story that...sort of came out of nowhere, though not really. It's essentially the very first part of the sequel to The Juniper Bones, though it acts as a stand-alone in some respects because it's a bridging piece between spring and autumn.

Something about the writing of the piece seems...odd, to me. Partly it's because I am having a commission frenzy, being that I am very over-excited by having money again. One of the pieces I commissioned was of Eliot and Morgan, the two characters in this story, and it's a very...odd piece, in such that it's got some fantastic lighting to it. I've seen the progress of the artist so far, and while I knew it would be excellent from her previous work, my god she knows how to deal with lowlight conditions. And this picture has the two characters in a windowseat with a full moon beyond, no other lights on,'s a very liminal sort of atmosphere. Things change in light of that kind, mostly because people and objects are very indistinct in such light in the first place. And the story I am writing deals with that moment, and it feels like I'm trying to catch moonbeams in my fingers. And they're slipping away...but not in a bad way. It's just...writing is a peculiar experience at the best of times, I think. But there's something very peculiar about this story. I feel like a magician, or a wizard, or perhaps even an enchantress. I can feel the power, even though the story is just fragments at this point. Something thrums beneath them, something far bigger than what I think it is. I often feel like I have very little to do with the creation of a story except as a glorified secretary, and I'm getting that sensation so very strongly here.

So yeah, there's an odd little ramble for the day. I should go eat something before I go even more nuts. Let's just blame Christmas for this one, shall we? ^_~


  1. I like a peculiar story. Good luck.

    Also, I like the picture. I want one.

  2. I've gotten that feeling from my main WiP too. It's exhilarating. :-)

  3. Peculiar stories are always the best. ^_~ That tunnel, by the by, is in the gardens at Hampton Court. Beautiful place; I'm very glad I made the effort to go down there while I was in London.

    And Misha, it's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? I alway get it in some degree from everything I write, but it seems stronger than usual with this one. <3