Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Strange Form of Sequelitis

Wow, it's half-past four in the afternoon on Saturday, and I haven't managed to do any writing all weekend. I spent Friday night watching television, which is quite unusual for me...not least because I was watching Gordon Ramsay making delicious Christmas food, and rather wanted to try doing so myself. I am not a cook by any stretch of the imagination, let me assure you! But between having to go into work this morning and then spending a good chunk of the early afternoon shopping and then digging through a goodie bag that arrived in the post from my favourite store in the UK, well...writing has fallen by the wayside so far. I think it's time to get back into it!

Still, one interesting little problem I've encountered this week is to do with sequels. I realised I've never written one before. Funny, that, considering all my novels reference one another and have cross-over characters and generally are the history of another world entwined with our own. But a direct sequel...has never been written. Perhaps because I never finish anything first. Ha. But yes, last week I discovered the sequel to The Neverboy is called The forevergirl and is something to do with Tara Larmenret. As I said in my last entry, considering the fact she's dead and has been the whole time I've known her, well...this will be tricky. But Christmas is coming, and the prologue of this novel is asking me to write it. Because, like the short story I wrote last week, it deals with the winter holiday equivalent, and...yeah. Dammit.

Still, watching this novel birth itself is quite charming, in its own little frustrating fashion. Like I said I have no idea how the novel could even work, let alone what's going to happen in it. But the prologue is already there and the first few scenes are coming alive, and it's all in my head. Scarcely a word is on the page. But then, if I discovered anything thanks to the terrible compulsory English paper I did this year as part of my distance studies for Japanese, it is that I write things in my head long before I put them on paper. (This being very hard for my essay tutor to understand.) So...yes. I think I might keep tabs on these developments as they come to hand, it will be an interesting little study in how I actually develop a story.

In other news, I should be revising Tea for Two because Lori gave me some fantastic advice and I need to work that in, and I also need to revise entr'acte and Sin of Seven again so I can enter them in the competition by next Friday. I don't expect anything from either, but...Tea For Two, maybe? Oh, well, it's all practise in the end. And right now, I need to go tidy my room and have an apple while reading. I need my energy before I get writing, after all! ^_~

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