Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: Year Of The Writer

Given that it's the first, I thought I had better do an entry and perhaps make some resolutions and whatnot. This is basically because this year I need to do something with my writing. I tend to say that near the beginning of every year and never accomplish anything of note, but this year...I want it to be different. So, with that in mind, I am going to make this a short little entry and go back to revising the story I got the feedback on. It's almost done, I am just dragging my heels out of my usual terror of feedback and submission.'s a learning experience, isn't it? And I managed to pull myself together last night and submit the short story Blank Canvas to Crossed Genres despite all my misgivings, so...yes. Time to do something constructive.

Basically, this year, I hope to do several things:

1. Revise Neverboy and have a manuscript that could be read by an agent and/or publisher.
2. Begin to write Forevergirl.
3. Finish the first draft of Hibernaculum.
4. Finish the first draft of The Juniper Bones.
5. Write a good chunk of either People In Looking-Glass Houses or Newton's Cradle for NaNoWriMo.
6. Join the kid's writers group.
7. Submit at least five other short stories.
8. Enter the Katherine Mansfield short story competition.
9. Talk to an agent.
10. Keep on going to Southern Scribes, Chapter I and chat more on the CompuServe literary forums.

So, that's ten things to do. Let's see me do them. ^__^

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